New: COST ENERGIC Datathon Challenge

As part of its on-going activities to investigate the benefits of VGI and geosocial media, COST ENERGIC has now started a datathon challenge that anyone can accept. All submissions (deadline: 31.07.2016) will be assessed, and two members of the winning team are invited to participate in the final COST Energic meeting in London! For details, please see

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European Network Exploring Research into Geospatial Information Crowdsourcing: software and methodologies for harnessing geographic information from the crowd (ENERGIC)

New and unprecedented sources of geographic information have recently become available in the form of user-generated Web content. The integration and application of these sources, often termed volunteered geographic information (VGI), offers multidisciplinary scientists an unprecedented opportunity to conduct research on a variety of topics at multiple spatial and temporal scales.

The Action targets fundamental scientific and technological advances by establishing a European network of excellence on GeoWeb technologies. The Action will focus on VGI and gather efforts carried out in an innovative and under-exploited field of Web research and knowledge production.

Read about the Action IC1203 from the COST Office website.